Kylie Jenner Posed Topless, Dropped An A+ Response On A Troll Who Said She Looked Like ‘A 14-Year-Old Prostitute’

What you are about to read here is kind of a two-part story. The first part is the fact that Kylie Jenner did a HOT new photo shoot for Complex in which she misplaced her shirt and bra for many of the sexy pictures.

Now love her or hate her I think we can all agree that looking at her modeling while wearing next to no clothing is something we can all appreciate.

Now, as for part two of this story, over the weekend Kylie shared some sexy snaps to her social media accounts, as she is known to do.

Snaps such as these…

Again, love her or hate her, it’s certainly hard to hate those photos.

That being said, someone apparently did hate them and told her so on Twitter.


So what was Kylie’s response to this insult?

That, right there, is pretty damn good.

Maybe there is hope for this awful Kardashian clan in the form of the younger generation. I am already kind of a fan of Kendall Jenner, and now, after slaying an internet troll over the weekend I almost like Kylie Jenner now too.

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