Kate Upton Crushing Trap Bar Deadlifts And Nearly Jiggling Out Of Her Top Is Better Than 99% Of Olympics Coverage

Kate Upton is officially hot again. She’s been on the rise for a while, and ever since she officially came out of retirement as a model she has been working her ass off (literally). We’ve seen her rocking so-called ‘kegels‘ recently at the gym but yesterday she dropped this confusingly sexy video of ‘1.5 rep’ trap bar deadlifts, and it’s obvious that Kate’s been keeping things tight ever since she decided to rededicate her life to looking really, really, ridiculously hot:

And while we’re here we might as well take a look at what else Kate Upton‘s been doing recently on Instagram:

Tight dress, tight body:

and here’s that aforementioned ‘kegel’ exercise that she’s been excelling at: