Katy Perry Showing Cleavage While Wearing Black Lingerie In Bed? Yes, Please

katy perry lingerie cleavage tweet

Katy Perry, Twitter

Katy Perry is in Australia for her Prismatic World Tour and since it’s, what, like… I have no effing idea what time it is there, Katy is or was in bed at some point in the last several hours.

Being the nice pop star that she is, Perry took out her camera and shot the photo you see below of her wearing a black nightie and showing some of that Katy Perry cleavage that made her a household name. Wasn’t that nice of her?

Perry captioned the pic, “Feeling v Lolita rn,” which in English means that she was “feeling very Lolita right now.” Cool, huh?

katy perry lingerie cleavage twitter

Katy Perry, Twitter