Kendall Jenner In Laced Lingerie Is Certainly A Sight To Behold

First off Kendall, stereotypes are unhealthy. I speak on behalf of 50% of the population when I say that men everywhere take exception to your gross generalization. I, personally, have not lied in the past 48 hours and I don’t plan on telling a fib until I do my taxes. For all intents and purposes, I donated mass sums of money to various charities and foundations and you can’t prove I didn’t. If Lord Disick stripped near naked on the hood of a stranger’s 1972 Volkswagen behind the phrase “Girls Make Delicious Sandwiches,” he’d have to issue an apology and Lena Dunham would petition for his public execution. Not trying to be a dick, but there are two sides to a coin, and that coin is the difference between what men and women make for the same job.

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