Kim Kardashian To Give Lecture About ‘The Objectification Of Women In The Media.’ Yes, That Kim Kardashian.



When you think of Kim Kardashian you probably don’t think that the media objectifies her. If anything, Kim and her mother objectify her as a sexual object for monetary gain way more than the media. However the delusional Kim Kardashian is set to give a lecture about the “objectification of women in media,” which makes about as much sense as a Maximilien Robespierre writing a dissertation about the dangers of the guillotine.

Yes, this is the same Kim Kardashian that may have leaked her own sex tape for financial gain. This is the same Kim Kardashian that has appeared in Playboy. This is the same Kim Kardashian that had naked photos leaked. This is the same Kim Kardashian that was nude in GQ. This is the same Kim Kardashian that was naked in Paper Mag. This is the same Kim Kardashian that posed nude in Love Magazine. This is the same Kim Kardashian that was buck naked on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. So to say that this lecture is ponderous would be the understatement of the millennium.

The whimsical extravaganza is titled, “Kim Kardashian West Live!” and will go down at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California on June 30. Those in attendance will receive all of Kim’s wisdom about selfies, her secrets to success and the business of millennial culture. Sounds fascinating.

Based on previous endeavors, I have absolutely no doubt in Kim’s oral talents. But I’m not willing to dole out $302 for the “VIP” experience.

Well she is a good businesswoman, I’ll give her that. And really, really good at objectifying herself.

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