Kim Kardashian COMPLETELY Topless And Showing Off Her Bare Butt? Sure, We’ll Look At That

As I mentioned yesterday when discussing the sizzling hot new photo shoot Kim Kardashian did for the latest issue of GQ, they said they’d be adding more pictures from the shoot throughout the day.

Little did I know that among the photos they’d be adding would be pictures of Kardashian showing her bare ass as well as one of her posing completely topless.

Not that I am surprised. There isn’t an inch of Kim Kardashian’s body we haven’t seen yet. Plus, she seems like she won’t be satisfied until she poses nude for just about every magazine on the planet.

So imagine my non-surprise last night when I saw on GQ’s social media, just as promised, even more pics of Kim Kardashian from the shoot, only way more naked than I had anticipated…

They even tossed in a special offer for a photo of Kim going full-frontal…

To see the topless pic in all of it’s glory, do feel free to head on over to GQ. Trust me, it’s well worth a look.