Princess Diana’s Niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, Is Hot And Got Her Nickname Thanks To Her Amazing Rack

Lady Kitty Spencer has royal blood (by marriage) and a body more banging than Big Ben at high noon.

Here’s everything you need to know about Princess Diana’s niece and now we’re going to show you everything you need to see on Lady Kitty Spencer. The answer is — all of it! You need to see all of it!

Especially how she got the nickname “Tits.”

The Daily Mail has reported that Kitty’s younger sister Amelia calls her curvaceous sibling “T - ts.” Kitty isn’t shy about showing off her assets on Instagram, which no doubt helped her get noticed by Storm Models — the agency that’s also home to Kate Moss — which signed her up.

Not the most original nickname for Lady Kitty Spencer but absolutely the most accurate. Here’s some hot pics from her Instagram account that are sure to make your royal scepter stand up.

[via NY Post]

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