‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ And ‘Arrow’ Star Caity Lotz Has Got The Bikini Body Of A Superhero

In case you aren’t familiar with sexy and talented actress Caity Lotz let me get you up to speed.

The first time I heard of her was back in 2011 when she did one of those smokin’ hot “Me In My Place” photo shoots for Esquire. Google it, I am sure it’s still out there somewhere.

Then I pretty much didn’t see her again until she got the role of Sara Lance aka The Black Canary on The CW show Arrow in 2013. (That’s her on Arrow on the left above. Katie Cassidy on the right took over her role as Black Canary after Lotz left the show.)

Then her character died. Then she got brought back to life. Then she left Arrow and ended up up on a new DC Comics show called Legends of Tomorrow, also on The CW, as the White Canary – still as Sara Lance.

I guess she did some other stuff in between her photo shoot and Arrow, but I didn’t catch any of it. Oh yeah, I guess she was on five episodes of Mad Men at various points during that show’s run. I must have missed those episodes.

Anyway, now that you’re all caught up on who Caity Lotz is, here she is currently on vacation in a bikini, which really, is all that matters isn’t it?