Lindsay Lohan Goes Absolutely Bonkers On Her Fiancé, Calls Him Out For Using Hookers, Knocking Her Up

It was only a couple weeks ago that a sultry Lindsay Lohan, splayed across a sofa behind an artfully done stone wall, told us that falling in love is exhausting.

That was in response to her allegedly throwing her fiancé’s phone in the ocean after seeing him sext someone else.

If it’s true that love is tiring, I imagine Lindsay is still passed the fuck out somewhere recuperating after the weekend she just had.

In a series of (now-deleted) Instagram posts, she teed off on her boyfriend/fiancé/sugar daddy/Russian mail order husband Egor Tarabasov for, among other things, using some hookers and getting LiLo pregnant. All screengrabs via the Daily Mail.

It started with Lindsay wondering where her fiancé was, saying that he was young and immature.

She wrote, tagging him, ‘I guess I was the same at 23… Shitty time – it changes at 26/27. @e2505t thanks for not coming home tonight. Fame changes people.’

Shit son.

She switched over to Twitter to share a picture of her where she played a pregnant character in a movie, saying she too was pregnant.

Okay, maybe, sure. Then it was back to Insta for shots of Egor at the club with a girl she calls a hooker.

Lastly, she posted the address of the woman, who she apparently knew, to the internet, while ranting about Donald Trump.

Love really does sound exhausting. I hope I never find it.

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[Via Hollywood Life]