Lindsay Lohan’s Fiancé Allegedly Spent Her 30th Birthday Getting Racy Texts From Other Girls, Leaving LiLo Livid

After her 30th birthday party on the Greek Isle of Mykonos, Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to post a photo of herself laying prostrate on a couch, with this deep, profound, confounding sentiment.

It reads “”Falling in love [is] exhausting …. Especially when you’re the older woman and have already seen it all monkey emoji monkey emoji monkey emoji monkey emoji.”

Was that exasperated attitude because of something that happened at her birthday?


The Sun reports that an angry Lindsay Lohan hurled her future hubby’s (or not, they have denied they are engaged) phone into the ocean after finding a racy text from another girl.

That wasn’t the end of it.

Lindsay reached boiling point when she read a suspicious text on Egor’s phone at a beach club and she didn’t let him get away with it lightly.

She angrily lobbed his mobile into the water in front of shocked friends and family at the exclusive venue.

In a fit of rage, Egor then chucked his drink over Lindsay, sparking a furious fight between the pair which prompted security to step in.

According to sources when they first started dating, Egor Tarabasov has had a calming effect on the once wild LiLo.

It sure sounds like it!

Reached by Page Six, Lindsay Lohan said it was nothing of the sort. That her friends thought his phone case was silly, and they threw that into the sea.

“It had to do with my friend throwing his phone case in the water as a joke . . . because [guests] were making fun of it . . . People said I personally threw [the] phone, but it’s all not true. It’s a total fabricated lie!”

Hmmmmm. Sure.

Sure, indeed.