Lindsay Lohan Is Moving 1.5 Miles From The BroBible Office!

lindsay lohan bikini cleavage


BroBible’s favorite washed-up, coke-addled, early-2000s actress, Lindsay Lohan, is coming back to New York City. And she’s moving right down the street from us!

(Musta been all that blogging we’ve been doing. Chicks dig blogging.)

Lohan was living in London for the past few months, starring in a play called¬†Speed-the-Plow. No idea what it’s about and who cares, because it’s over and now ol’ (young) LiLo is moving back to the biggest apple of them all, the Big Apple.

She just signed a deal on a place at the W Residences in New York’s Financial District, which is only a hop, skip and a jump down from our office.



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Now, BRB, expanding my Tinder radius to two miles! The play’s last show is Nov. 29th. So, Christmas with Lindsay!