Lindsay Lohan Took Ten Dudes To Dinner, Then Allegedly Skipped Out On The $1,300 Bill

lindsay lohan bikini cleavage


There’s nothing like fugitive sex, so I imagine there’s nothing like a 10 dude, one Lindsay Lohan fugitive orgy, which is what I have to assume happened this past week after LiLo and her ten friends supposedly split from a restaurant before the bill arrived. Via Radar Online:

According to Life & Style, the European traveler, 29, sat down for dinner at Sea Satin in Mykonos, Greece— but didn’t want to pay up!

“She invited about 10 guy friends to dinner…and ordered crab legs and lobster— the most expensive things on the menu,” an insider told the magazine.

The rehab alum, who has been spotted drinking again in recent months, was reportedly on her best behavior until the $1,300 check arrived.

“Everyone, including Lindsay, split without paying!” the insider revealed. “She told the guys…not to worry about the bill.”

Like I said. I bet the fugitive orgy was FANTASTIC.

One of the dudes eventually paid the bill, three days later. I bet it was the one guy who didn’t get to participate in the fugitive orgy. That’s how it always works. Poor sucker stuck with the check.

In case you’ve also forgotten, Greece’s economy is tanking like WHOA, so this is doubly not cool.

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