You Gotta Watch This Mustachioed Gentleman Smash A Dab, A Shot, A Bong And A Beer, But The Ending Is The Astounding Part

Before all of you cry “CLICKBAIT!” and “THAT’S A CLICKBAIT HEADLINE!” I need you to watch the entire video and realize there’s a perfectly valid reason for me to not spoil the ending of this spectacular video.

You may have heard of the “Strikeout,” which is a person toking from a fully loaded bong, a shot of liquor, and a pint of beer.

This man ups the ante.


The mustachioed madman dabs, followed by a shot, then takes a hit from a bong, and ends his amazing feat by downing a beer.

You need to watch the entire video because all is not how it appears. There is a rather shocking revelation in the last seconds of the unbelievable video.

This dabbing motherfucker wasn’t at some house party. This goddamn savage consumed all of those drugs while in the middle of a fucking Ikea.

You know this maniac didn’t leave the furniture superstore without purchasing five orders of Swedish meatballs, pancakes with lingonberry sauce, and an entire Malm bedroom set.

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