Greek Goddess Maria Menounos Is On Vacation Sharing Some Very Impressive Bikini Booty Pics

My favorite person who tries to sell me shit before the movie at any AMC theater I attend, Maria Menounos, is on vacation, I believe in Australia.

Which means, lucky us, she has been hitting some beaches and sharing some sexy bikini pics of her vacay on Instagram and Snapchat.

And, well, yeah, that’s all I got. Bikini pics. Maria Menounos. End of report.


Maria Menounos, Instagram


Maria Menounos, Instagram


Maria Menounos, Snapchat


Maria Menounos, Snapchat


Maria Menounos, Snapchat

Previously in Maria Menounos bikini pics…

Oh yeah, I am also throwing these in here because I just saw them and thought you’d like to look at them too. You’re welcome.

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