The Female Marlins Fan Who Went Viral For Flashing The Pitcher Behind Home Plate Has Been Found

marlins girl Korina Evaniuk


Remember the sexy female Marlins fan who tried to distract the Cardinals’ pitcher the other day by flashing and shaking her boobs at him while sitting behind home plate?

If not, where have you been? Sheesh!

Anyway, Inside Edition did some very important detective work and found out exactly who this glorious creature is. Turns out that her name is Korina Evaniuk, 22, and for some reason, she’s stunned at becoming a viral phenomenon.

“I just shimmied my boobs a bit but I guess the whole internet just broke after that,” Evaniuk told Inside Edition.

Uh, yeah. Hello?

Naturally, because Major League Baseball has proven itself time and time again to be absolutely no fun at all the Marlins organization is reportedly unhappy with her. They even tweeted Marlins Man and told him to let her know not to do it again. They even released a statement to the press about her for christ’s sake.

No, I am not joking. Look…

You suck, Major League Baseball. Please, for the love of god, just listen to B-Harp.

Or hell, just listen to her…

Here’s Evaniuk’s full interview…

And some pics…

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