Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Is Already Hooking Up With Yet Another SMOKING HOT Model

Well, that didn’t take long. It was less than a week ago that it was reported that Mets pitcher Matt Harvey had broken up with his previous smoking hot model girlfriend Ania Cywinska (pictures here if you’re interested).

Now he’s reportedly dating another Victoria’s Secret model named Devon Windsor. (That would be Victoria’s Secret model number two for Harvey. That we know of, at least.)

Windsor, who says on Instagram that she will be walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the third time, was spotted with Harvey on Sunday night by Page Six.

“She was on his arm most of the night,” said the witness. “It seemed like Matt was there with Devon as his date. They were sipping cocktails and were with each other the entire time and left together.”

Harvey, 26, has previously said he wanted to be the next Derek Jeter when it comes to the ladies and at the rate he’s going he might just surpass the Yankees legend before all is said and done.

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