Anne V made four sexy new videos, broke up with Matt Harvey (good news all around!)

In an effort to help legendary model Anne V find a new boyfriend now that she’s broken up with Mets pitcher Matt Harvey I present to all potential suitors these four sexy new videos she recently shot for Esquire. I’m nothing if not here to help…supermodels.

As for Mr. Harvey, you were dating a woman, Anne Vyalitsyna, who models for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue (and is in it this year as well – proof here), who has modeled for Victoria’s Secret, has not one, but two sexy photo shoots being released this month, and you couldn’t make it work? Pro athletes truly are a spoiled bunch, aren’t they?

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Hard to believe, but the woman you are about to watch do fun things in lingerie recently said, “I know it sounds so clichéd, but I never thought I was pretty. I was the tallest in my class and very skinny, and no boys liked me.” We like you, Anne. We like you.

In addition to these videos, Esquire also shot some crazy hot pics of Anne. You can check those out here, in case that’s something that interests you.