Watch McKayla Maroney Answer Twitter Questions While Sitting On Her Bed

mckayla maroney question answer video

YouTube - McKayla Maroney

Our favorite unimpressed gymnast McKayla Maroney apparently started a new video series last week called “McKayla’s Question & Answer: Part One” where she sits on her bed and answers questions from random people on Twitter. Why is McKayla Maroney doing this? I have no idea, but it’s quite the bizarre, entertaining watch.

In the video Maroney talks about how she’s going into acting, which is news to me, but that’s cool. Not sure what kind of role she’s looking to play, but I’m sure whatever it is people would tune in to see it. She’s also, according to one of the questions, really into singing too. Hopefully she’ll break out that skill in the next video.

Despite saying that she spent more than an hour making this video to try to get to as many questions as she could McKayla doesn’t actually get through very many questions. Girl does like to talk though and we learn that McKayla has a little bit of a potty mouth, which is probably as big a takeaway as anything I gleaned from watching this. The captions on the video might actually be highlight of the whole thing.

Check it out and see if you’re impressed.

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