Insanely Hot Colombian Model Nataly Rincon Opens Up About Her Steamy Date With Cristiano Ronaldo

A silly hot Colombian model named Nataly Rincon has opened up about her steamy date with Real Madrid forward Cristiano Ronaldo after he started chatting her up in a restaurant. The two were pictured together in Miami during his Christmas break and Rincon has recently divulged some details to a Colombian TV station about the Christmas dinner date that followed.

According to The Sun, Rincon said,

“He’s very flirtatious.”

“The other women in the restaurant had been drinking and wanted to get their claws into him so I said I wanted to leave.”

“I’m not going to say if I went back to his hotel or not but we left around 2.30am.”

“There was alcohol, I was happy. He stood in front of me and said, ‘Look at how I dance’ and he danced in a really sensual, sexy way. It was great.”

“Around midnight we gave each other a kiss. I’m not going to tell you where it was, you’d die. I’ll leave that to everyone’s imagination.”

You may need to take a seat before looking at these pictures. Maybe lock the door.

Me gusta.

[h/t The Sun]

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