Nina Agdal Dancing Around And Rubbing Herself In An Itty Bitty Bikini Will Produce Excess Saliva

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When you get caught groovin' ⛱

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Just a casual mid-shit Instagram scroll and I come across this gem and my pecker grew to touch the inside of the toilet bowl. I had to do the manual hand tuck to prevent it from hitting the front of the bowl, but then it hit the water because I’m hung like fucking Nyquist. That may or my not be a lie. Anyhoo, my first thought after seeing SI Swimsuit model Nina Agdal rubbing on herself in a bikini she must have left in the dryer for a bit too long was ‘I think this would be something bros may be interested in. I need to post.’ Just kidding, my first thought was ‘are my roommates home?’ Regardless, it’s posted now and I hope you bros enjoy.

Check out yours truly interviewing Nina a few months back after she sported a shave gel bikini. I’m still sweating from that day. But we’re basically dating.

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