Nina Agdal Unveiled A Secret Talent That’s Just A Little Bit Nasty

nina agdal secret talent

Nina Agdal, Instagram

Nina Agdal is a woman of many talents, one of them kind of icky.

SI Swimsuit cover model Nina Agdal is easily one of our favorite models on the planet. She’s gorgeous, she’s not afraid to pose naked, she shoots hoops, she plays golf, hangs out with Bryce Harper, what the heck is there not to like about this woman?

Well, there is perhaps one thing not to like about Nina Agdal…depending on your proclivities. This recently unveiled secret talent she shared on Instagram with the caption, “My audition tape for ‘Denmark’s got talent.'”

That’s right. She can use her toes to eat food. Probably not the most sanitary way to scarf down a snack, but I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for it. Especially after seeing her in the boxing ring and having a complete meltdown on the golf course following a bad shot. She might hurt me if I did.

Oh, and also because she looks like this during her day job.

Yep, Nina can eat her food however the hell she wants as far as I am concerned.