Pamela Anderson Gets Naked In The Trailer For Horror Movie ‘The People Garden,’ And Yes You Can See Everything

Pamela Anderson used to be the hottest babe in town, and now that she’s 49 years old, she’s…well, she’s still the hottest babe in town. My town has a LOT of ugly people, and while I don’t know what yours looks like it’s probably safe to say that Anderson at 49 is better than your best at 22.

And you know what? We’ve even got proof of it. Anderson gets completely naked in the trailer for The People Garden, a movie about a girl travelling to Japan’s suicide forest to find her missing boyfriend. Judging from the trailer, Anderson plays an aging lingerie model who makes vague, foreshadowing statements about the sort of shit the main character is getting herself into. Cliché? Yes. But you didn’t click here to talk shit about Anderson’s acting chops, you clicked to see dat bod in action.

Unfortunately for you, me, and anyone else involved, we’re not allowed to show nudity on BroBible. But you know what we can do? We can give you a link to where they ARE allowed to show nudity, and you can gawk at Pamela Anderson in all her nude 49-year-old glory.

Click HERE to head over to Mirror and see Pamela Anderson in action in the trailer for The People Garden!