Paulina Gretzky Rocking A Thong Bikini In The Pool May Just Be My New Desktop Background

Poor Dustin Johnson. The 32-year-old was just sent home from the PGA Championship after a horrible opening round 77 that proved just too big of a hole to climb back and advance. I hope for the sake of Dustin and his family, he didn’t spend all of that $1.8 million he took home after winning the U.S. Open last month.

One of the perks of Dustin being sent home early after being pinned as the favorite to win the Wanamaker Trophy is that home doesn’t seem like too shitty a place. Coming home to see your smoking hot wife in a thong bikini in the pool is a decent consolation prize for any straight man. Dustin has vocalized this in the past…

Welp, the 27-year-old offspring of a hockey legend certainly knows what buttons to push after she posted this fire Instagram photo this weekend.

Dustin has already publicized what he thinks of his wife’s toosh in the past. Such a supportive husband.

On that note, let’s go down the Paulina Gretzky Instagram rabbit hole, shall we? We shall.

In the words of Uncle Jesse Katsopolis, “Have Merrrrcy.”

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