This Pole Dancer Is Not Only Hot As Hell But Her Moves Make Olympic Gymnasts Look Like Drunk Toddlers At Gymboree


Do you like watching pole dancers? Of course you do, you’re on a website called “BroBible” for fuck’s sake. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but this girl isn’t flippin’ her hair around like some dipshit twerking for singles at a club. Her face isn’t caked up in makeup and her boobs aren’t floppin’ out all over the place.

But you know what? You’re still gonna watch this video the entire way through, because girlfriend’s got moves. It’s like there’s no gravity and she’s actually in a space ship on the way to Mars or something. I hear Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is getting mixed reviews, so maybe for his next space movie he should just shoot this girl for 3 hours and watch all the dough roll in.

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