Rita Ora Posed COMPLETELY TOPLESS For ‘Lui’ Magazine And We’re Just Fine With That

by 3 years ago
rita ora topless lui magazine cover photo

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Remember last year when Rihanna posed completely topless for the cover of Lui magazine? And then got banned from Instagram for sharing the photos?

Yeah, this is kind of like that only this time it’s Rita Ora and she didn’t post the cover photo to Instagram.

The Editor-in-Chief of Lui magazine Florence Willaert did.

Of course we had to censor it even though it was already censored because the naughty bits were only covered by a couple of little stars. That doesn’t mean that you can’t go check it out over on Florence Willaert’s Instagram account, however.

Oh yeah, there is ALSO a COMPLETELY UNCENSORED version floating around the Internet as well. Not sure if it’s 100% legit, but if you’d like you can also LOOK AT THAT HERE.

You’re welcome.

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