Sarah Hyland Busted Out Some Sexy Cleavage This Weekend… For The Teens

Sarah Hyland understand what teens want.

You know, I’ve never really watched Modern Family. I watched when it first came out on whatever oddball cable channel it was on, I don’t remember. Then I lost interest.

Sure, Sofia Vergara was on it, and it was a clever show, but meh. Of course that was five years ago and Sarah Hyland, while attractive, didn’t look anything like she does now. Now that she’s 24 and posting one hot bikini pic after another on Instagram I’m starting to think that maybe I should give the show another shot.

Oh yeah, this was her at … hang on … Teen Vogue’s 13th Annual Young Hollywood Issue Launch Party. So like I said, sexy cleavage… for the teens.

It’s not as good as when she had on that tank top, but still, not too shabby.

And here is a photo of her feet because I know that’s how some of you out there roll. It’s cool, you’re not alone. Every event I look at photos of has pictures of these actresses’ feet. I get it. Knock yourselves out.