Cute Topless Russian Girl ‘Having Sex In Back Of Taxi’ Leans Out Window To Flash Her Boobs At The Drivers Around Her

According to Mirror, the above video was captured on a Saturday morning in Moscow city center after a driver pulled up next to a yellow cab and spotted the topless woman straddling a man in the back seat. Witnesses reportedly claimed that both passengers “appeared to be drunk” despite how early in the day it was, however that didn’t stop the girl from climbing out of the window to flash all the drivers who had congregated on the road.

Police did not comment on the matter, but what else is there to say? This is Russia for fuck’s sake, they’ve got bigger issues than some topless drunk chick hangin’ out of taxi windows, including but not limited to: bears, ice, snow, the mafia, other drunk Russians, more bears…the list goes on.

Then again, this girl could’ve been the chick having sex in the back of this bouncing van going down a highway, so for all we know she could be a repeat offender:

[H/T Mirror]

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