Wow. Who Knew Paris Hilton Has Great Breasts?

Not that this is weird or anything, but I remember exactly where I was when I watched the Paris Hilton sex tape for the first time. It was my sophomore year of college, and I had a single on the eighth floor of Jonsson Tower at Skidmore. Someone sent me a link to the full video (this was after the night-vision snippets had come out) and I immediately watched the hour-long fuck fest before forwarding it to pretty much the entire lacrosse team.

What I don’t remember is being impressed with her breasts. Probably because I was distracted by a number of other things, but still, you’d think that would be something I remembered.

I guess I wasn’t paying close enough attention, because if her Instagram post from this weekend is indicative (and I assume it is), she does.

We all learned something today and we are better for it.