WWE Diva Lana Is Busting Out All Over In Some Smoking Hot And Very Revealing Bikinis Down In Cancun

If you had mentioned the Florida State Cowgirls to me around four or five years ago I would have said that they had reached their zenith with Jenn Sterger and would never be heard from again.

Little did I know that one of the other ladies in the group, C.J. Perry, aka WWE Diva Lana, was waiting in the wings to blow us away in WWE with her sexiness and style.

Between her sexy new lingerie video and these SMOKING hot bikini pics from her vacay in Cancun with Rusev I have to say, the future sure looks pretty freaking bright for her these days.

So how long do you think it will be before she becomes WWE Women’s Champion? I give it three months tops. (Might just be wishful thinking on my part. In fact I know it is, but just let me have my dreams, okay?)

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