Is WWE Diva Lana Somehow Getting Sexier? Because It Sure As Hell Looks Like She Is

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CJ Perry, Instagram

Yesterday we saw just how tremendously hot WWE Diva Emma has gotten over the last year as she did her thing on the beach in a bikini.

Now today we turn our attention to yet another one of our favorite WWE stars Lana (aka C.J. Perry, former FSU Cowgirl – yes, I am always going to refer to her as that.)

Lana, who has been absolutely on fire since returning from her wrist injury shared a little video to her increasingly must-follow Instagram account that might be the sexiest she has EVER looked.

Naturally I went to YouTube to see if there was more, and hot damn, there was.

First, here is the video she shared the other day. Might want to put on some sunglasses because it’s that damn hot.

For some ungodly reason, that video was WAAAAY too short. So I kept looking at this YouTube account and I’ll be damned in there weren’t THREE MORE videos of Lana posted in just the last month.

Needless to say, they are all FANtastic. Oh, and they involve Lana wearing bikinis and working out. Yeah… Get a fire extinguisher ready because there’s about to be a pants-fire in here.