WWE Diva Paige Has Never Looked Sexier Than In This Rare Hot Photo Shoot She Just Did


Former WWE Divas Champion Paige has never struck me as the type of person who would be down for doing a sexy photo shoot.

Sadly, I have to admit, I have on occasion watched Total Divas on E!. I’m man enough to admit it. It’s a guilty pleasure as a WWE fan that I just can’t shake.

Anyhoo, on that show Paige just seems like a sexy, fashion-y photo shoot just doesn’t seem like her cup of tea. (She’s British. Like how I worked that in? Nice.)

Not that I am unhappy that set aside aside her tomboy, punk, goth nature long enough to do this shoot. In fact I am thrilled. She’s by far my favorite WWE Superstar.

After seeing this photo shoot, I am guessing that she will be a lot more guys’ favorite as well.



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