Bieber’s Sexy AF 21-Year-Old Ex Yovanna Ventura Went To The Beach, Misplaced Her Bikini Top

You bros remember who Yovanna Ventura is, right? She’s one of the plethora of sexy young ladies that have been on the arm of one Justin Bieber over the past few years.

Dude may be a first class jackass at times, but even I have to admit he has pretty great taste in women.

Ventura is a total dime and if she keeps going like this someday The Biebs might actually regret not staying with her permanently.

Not that she hasn’t benefited from their relationship. No way she would have 4.7 million Instagram followers now if she hadn’t dated him. (She “only” had 1.7 million back when it was first reported they were dating.)

Although, with photos and videos like these on her account, that number sure isn’t bound to go down anytime soon.

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