Meet Yovanna Ventura, The Sexy Model Justin Bieber Is Reportedly Dating Now

I guess Justin Bieber is officially over Selena Gomez because he is rumored to be back with one of his old flames, a model named Yovanna Ventura. (Perhaps the fact that she’s dating Zedd now has something to do with that.)

Reports say that Bieber hooked back up with Yovanna Ventura, a woman he dated last year when he and Selena were on a break, this weekend at his 21st birthday party.

So who the hell is Yovanna Ventura I hear you asking? According to her Web site she appears to be a model. I say this because there are over 30 photos of her doing just that on her site. I’m a sleuth like that.

Digging a little deeper we find out that, according to, she’s also a “social media star and model who posts workout routines and dieting ideas on her enormously popular Instagram account.”

Here’s a small sampling of why both Justin Bieber as well as her 1.7 MILLION Instagram followers are such big fans.