13 irrefutable reasons why Amy Schumer is TV’s funniest woman

Inside Amy Schumer

Comedy Central

Amy Schumer is raunchy, Amy Schumer is no-holds barred, Amy Schumer’s not afraid to say whatever comes to her mind. It’s why people love her. She’s the person who can make you laugh even when you’re down. Here’s 13 reasons why she’s the funniest woman on TV.

13. She is the Tennessee version of Kate Upton


12. Because this Newsroom parody is basically the perfect comedy sketch

11. Like the rest of us, she’s quite awful at sexting


10. Because her humor translates to Twitter—like when she dropped this on US Airways after that model plane dildo incident

Amy Schumer tweet

9. She’s not afraid to reveal embarrassing sex stories, even if they involve taxi drivers

8. Because this was her answer when asked what she didn’t have during the show’s first season


7. Amy stood up for comedians everywhere when she refused to apologize for this Steve-O joke during a roast

6. Because not many people can pitch a product called “Finger-blasted” and keep a straight face


5. Because tennis Amy was such an underrated scene

4. She’s not afraid to tell jokes about her friends—even when they involve unwanted pregnancies

Amy Schumer pregnant friend

3. Nobody handles hecklers quite like her

Amy Schumer

2. She’s good enough to milk? Does that make sense?

1. Because she’s basically all of us sitting at home

eating a burger

Amy Schumer exercising

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