21 celebrations not banned by the NFL

Today the NFL banned goalpost dunking because Roger Goodell hates fun. Meanwhile, Aqib Talib is grabbing his crotch on the way to the end zone. Here are some other celebrations not banned by the NFL.

20 The Hip-Hop Hooray, Hey-Ho—not illegal

19 Doing flips—not illegal


17 The Saturday Night Fever—not illegal

16 The Charlie Chaplin—not illegal

15 Slapping dat ass—not illegal

14 Truffle shuffle—not illegal

13 Delivering a pizza—not illegal

12 Knocking down your teammates and almost knocking them out—not illegal

11 Whatever this is—not illegal

10 Windmilling your guitar—not illegal

9 Fist bumping an official—not illegal

8 Wild gesticulating—not illegal

7 The Gas Pedal—not illegal

6 High-fiving an official—not illegal

5 The Lambeau Leap—not illegal

4 The Ooh, kill ’em—not illegal

3 Reeling in a fish—not illegal

2 The Bye-Bye-Bye—not illegal

1 The Dirty Bird—not illegal