7 things you should probably know about the best Premier League season in decades


With only 9 weeks left in the Barclay’s Premier League season, we’ve found ourselves knee deep in one of the greatest seasons of the modern era. Now I know that most of you are only casual soccer fans, so in case you haven’t been following this season extremely closely, our friends over at SI’s Extra Mustard put together this list of 7 things you should probably know about the best Premier League season in decades. Here’s just a snippet of that post, but for the full run down on everything you need to know before the end of the season, head on over HERE.

#1: Manchester United is gloriously irrelevant, for once

“Schadenfreude alert: Manchester United is spinning wildly in the mid-table void with nothing to play for except perhaps the livelihood of manager David Moyes, whose face is slowly being Shar Pei’d by stress winkles. Worried that an aging and hapless United means a more likable United? Don’t fret. Precocious 18-year-old winger Adnan Januzaj is imminently hate-able. Look at the flop below.”


#2: Liverpool is the most fun team in the league

“Liverpool are downright magisterial on the pitch this season, playing arguably the most attractive attacking football in the world. If you want to be awed by the possibilities of human spacial awareness and creativity and also horror-show defensive calamities, Liverpool is your team the rest of the way. Watch this minor miracle, from Grown Man Who Bites People and EPL leading scorer Luis Suarez.”