8-year-old cancer survivor scores game-winning goal against Portland Timbers

Grab a Kleenex because this Make-A-Wish story will make you bawl like a baby. Yesterday, the Portland Timbers took on Atticus Lane-Dupre’s Green Machine soccer team. Atticus is an 8-year-old who was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He missed the Green Machine’s final game of last season so he could undergo treatment.

He returned to the pitch triumphantly against the Timbers scoring four goals, including the game-winner.

Dear God, are there onions in here?

The game was the feature event of Lane-Dupre’s Make-A-Wish request after the 8-year-old kidney cancer survivor asked the Timbers to set up a game between his youth team and the MLS franchise.

The Timbers not only set up the game, they organized a detailed game-like experience for Lane-Dupre and his teammates.

When Lane-Dupre walked into the locker room, a special locker was set up including a full Timbers kit with his name on the back of the jersey. Both teams emerged from the locker room and walked single-file onto the pitch, just like in a MLS game. The national anthem was sung.

This is above and beyond anything I’ve seen from the Make-A-Wish foundation. Kudos to the Timbers and to all 3,000 fans in attendance. Atticus Lane-Dupre is a hero.