9 important things that happened in the NBA last night

Mallory Edens, LeBron playing hide-and-seek, a brief appearance by Manny Pacquiao and Lance being Lance highlighted a crazy night in the NBA. Here’s 9 important/not so important things that happened.

9. Mallory Edens, the 18-year-old daughter of Bucks owner Wesley Edens, gained 25,000 Twitter followers after the airing of the draft lottery. Wonder why?

8. Dwyane Wade wore flood pants (via Brian Windhorst) in the post game press conference

7. Lance Stephenson took a nap. Manny Pacquiao joined in.

6. The Cavs got first pick and UGH

5. LeBron tried playing hide-and-seek, kinda sucked at it

4. The Pacers lost and a fan issued a double bird to the camera

3. Lance Stephenson left a white guy hanging after a buzzer beater

2. Paul George died and DAMMIT MANNY, GET OFF THE COURT

1. And Anjali Ranadive is the girl everyone should be talking about this morning but isn’t