Student Has (Nearly) Perfect Solution To His AP English Essay Being Too Short

An AP Language & Composition student at a H.S. in Boston was in hot water when he realized his ‘Thanksgiving’ essay was coming in under the required word-count. However, he then devised the perfect plan to meet the teacher’s ridiculous standards.

Naturally, he beefed up the essay by adding some descriptive information about himself. In the header he decided to input information such as his blood type, birthday, place of birth, and time of publication. This kid is a genius and DID NOT deserve to get that red ink slashing from the teacher.

Word-count requirements are, in general, useless. They often force students who are able to write a succinct essay to layer in bullshit, and students with a verbose style of writing to cut out whatever it is that gives their writing its personality. But, word-count requirements do exist, and students are forced to contend with them. I just don’t understand how brilliance such as this is punished:

This kid deserved an A and we all know it.


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