Australian League Football player’s teeth go flying in the air after devastating hit

Australian League Football is not for the weak. There are no helmets. There are no pads. There is no mouthguards. There is just unbridled chaos as tough as nails men run full speed at each other. And as one AFL player found out, sometimes that really, really hurts. In case you missed the match between the West Coast Eagles and the Collingwood Football Club this was the highlight or low-light if you’re Elliot Yeo. Eagles’ player, Yeo, had his teeth violently removed from his mouth by the brute force of the collision with Collingwood player, Jarrod Witts, on Saturday.


Trainers searched for Yeo’s teeth during halftime, but were unable to find them. Despite the horrible injury, Yeo displayed the true warrior spirit of the AFL and returned in the second half.

Yeo definitely handled the loss of his chiclets pretty well on Twitter.


Elliot, only seven more months til Christmas. Oh and the Eagles lost too. That really bites.