8 awesome drinking accessories you probably need

Sometimes (okay, rarely) a bottle of beer isn’t enough and we need something more to passionately celebrate or lovingly support our love of drinking. And what’s better than sweet drinking accessories? Whether it’s because they’re sneaky, sleek or funny, here are some of the coolest drinking accessories you can buy outside of your local Spencer’s.

8 The Beer Belly

What is it? This product emulates a glorious, man status-worthy, beer belly. Just think of how many beers it would take to forge this flamboyantly-sculpted icon of manhood. Instead, you only need to shell out $29.95 to drink incognito at places like:

— A funeral
— Your girlfriend’s parent’s place
— Your child’s graduation

Where can I get it? Amazon.

7 Granite Whiskey Stones

What is it? These are solid granite stones from the Beaches of New Hampshire that chill your whiskey without diluting it like that bastard ice would. Just think of them as rechargeable ice cubes. Buy six of these classy stones for about $30. Or, you could just break a few pieces off the expensive countertop at your friend’s pad.

Where can I get it? New England Trading Company.

6 iPhone Case With Bottle Opener

What is it? There wasn’t an app for that, so this company made a case for it. With it, you can open up beer bottles with ease. Hell, the case might even save your phone’s delicate inner electronics from all the frothy splash back.

Where can I get it? Headcase.

5 The Sly Soda Can Sleeve

What is it? You just can’t get enough, can you? This makes your beer look like it’s a can of soda! Unfortunately, your breath will still smell like sweaty malted barley and hops.

Where can I get it? Ebay.

4 The Reef Dram Sandal

What is it? Your ticket to beach-side inebriation; clever, portable and stylish, this is a drinking accessory for the wine or whiskey-lover who wants to lavish the incoming waves lovingly with vomit that was brought on by drinking heavily under the hot sun.

Where can I get it? Uncrate.

3 The Kooler Klub Drink Dispenser

What is it? Are you a fan of golf? Bring some solo cups and get ready to dispense wisdom, putt-putt pwnage and of course, some booze. This would be good for mini-golf, the driving range and any country club where you don’t feel like paying for drinks.

Where can I get it? Amazon.

2 Shot Glass Chess Set

What is it? This drinking game is perfect for (a) the individual who is good at chess and wants to own their friend and (b) the friend who is terrible at chess and wants to get destroyed in more than way than one.

Where can I get it? Ebay.

1 Mini-Keychain Breathalyzer

What is it? Now you can prove to your dumbass friend who always insists on passing out while driving (instead of, I don’t know, afterward) that he really is unfit to get behind the wheel.

Where can I get it? AlcoMeters.