BCS computer ranks Notre Dame #1


Congratulations to your 2013 National Champion, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who by way of the Colley Matrix rank #1 in the country. This despite, you know, Alabama bending them over to the tune of 42-14. A game Notre Dame never competed in and more or less resembled the Pulp Fiction gimp.

Wesley Colley defended his matrix saying.

First and foremost, the rankings are based only on results from the field , with absolutely no influence from opinion, past performance, tradition or any other bias factor. This is why there is no pre-season poll here. All teams are assumed equal at the beginning of the year. If you include some kind of human input, what’s the point of a computer poll in the first place? Garbage in, garbage out.

Hmm, that’s actually intelligent. Maybe if those two teams never met on the field, I’d be swayed. Unfortunately they did and the Colley computer wasn’t able to see the beating they took.

Here’s Colley with more.

The bottom line in these comparisons, is that my rankings have

agreed in all nine years with the media and coaches on the national champion,
agreed with the media and coaches on the top two teams in 8 out of 9 years
most often agreed on the top 5, and
agreed on the top 10 within a place or two

So you’ve created a computer ranking that’s nearly infallible. Congratulations! I applaud the effort sir. Thankfully, we won’t have to use your “almost perfect” computer much longer.

In the meantime, a pat on the back to Notre Dame. Your 12th national championship is certainly your most ambiguous.

Notre Dame Football: One Fried Computer Hilariously Still Has Irish Ranked No. 1 [Bleacher Report]