25 best GIFs of the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show and more


Beyonce stole the show at the Super Bowl but did she provide us with the greatest moment? Here’s your Guyism Super Bowl GIFgasm!

25 Destiny’s Child can still move

24 The confetti angel

23 “When the lights go down in New Orleans”

22 Multiple Beyonce’s

21 The kiss

20 Uh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

19 Chris Culliver would not approve

18 The Illuminati

17 The very awesome sign language guy

16 Dat look from Beyonce

15 Harbaugh freakout

14 The flaming guitar

13 The flop

12 Dat bootyshake

11 I think he wants a hold

10 Licking the finger

9 Quit it Jacoby Jones

8 Sassy Beyonce

7 The play of the Super Bowl

6 The thrust

5 Flaccoing?

4 Flexible Beyonce

3 The controversial call/no-call

2 The underrated vaginashake

1 Jacoby Jones wildly gesticulating

GIF Credit: Beyonce Tumblr, Super Bowl Tumblr