Little Kid Narrates His Bro Biking Down A Hill And Demolishing Himself, Has A Future In Broadcasting

I’m torn between what is more incredible in this video: how unintentionally hilarious that little kid’s narration skills are, or how badly the kid on the bike eats it after not catching enough air.

Do I even need to make a decision on which part of the video is better? I’m leaning towards no, because we’ve essentially got two viral videos in one here. There’s the kid with a future in broadcasting, who’s all “and that very hurt”…breaking out phrasing I’ve never heard in all my years.
Then there’s the kid attempting childhood heroics, riding his bike down the biggest hill he knows and on to that jump towards glory….only to clothesline himself and come up pretty damn short, and learning so many essential life lessons I don’t even know where to begin. Here’s the video:


Aaaand that crash one more time in GIF:

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