If You’re Setting Your Passed Out Friend On Fire The Pranks Have Definitely Gone Too Far

How do you tell when pranking your friend who passed out early has gone too far? Well, if you’ve sent them on fire then that’s a good indication things got out of hand.

Pranking your first friend to pass out is a time honored tradition by bros everywhere (who just started drinking). The belief is that if they’re the first ones to pass out, or if they pass out with their shoes on, then they deserve some sort of a prank. I do NOT subscribe to this school of thought, but that doesn’t mean these pranks don’t happen on a nightly basis.

Once when I was in HS I wasn’t even the first to pass out yet my friend thought it’d be funny if she held her dog up to my face and got it to lick peanut butter off my lips. So yah, I’ve made out with a dog, wanna fight about it?

PRO-TIP: If you’re lighting your friend on fire then you’ve taken it too far.

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