Kayak Fisherman Shocked When Bull Shark Jumps Out Of Water To Steal His Fish

Angler Jason Downs was fishing from his kayak near Navarre Beach in Florida and reeling in a 10-pound grouper when he was greeted by a bull shark jumping out of the water to steal his catch.

One of the beauties of kayak fishing is how in tune you are with everything; the fight is more exaggerated because the fish drags the kayak around, you’re burning more calories by using your core to keep your kayak afloat, and you’re sitting inches off of the water. It’s all pretty exciting even when there aren’t leaping sharks involved.

AdaptNetwork has the story on Jason Downs:

Kayak fisherman Jason Downs was fishing off Navarre Beach on the Emerald Coast of Florida. He had hooked a 12-pound grouper but was not the only one looking for a fish at the time. A bull shark had also decided that that grouper would make a tasty meal and suddenly leapt out of the water next to Jason’s kayak to attack and devour the hooked grouper.

Downs suspected the shark first took a bite at the video’s 1:10 mark and then came back to finish off the meal moments later, leaving only the head and a startled fisherman.

The only spooky thing about this encounter is just how far he is away from the shore. If he were to topple a little it’s no quick swim back to the beach. All in all though, the shark was hungry, he got a great video, and everyone but the grouper came out unscathed. It’s just shame that he won’t ge to eat that lip-licking delicious grouper…

Aaaand let’s watch that shark breach and swallow that grouper head one more time in GIF, shall we?

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