Watch This Bro Catch A Marlin Using Only Fishing Line And His Bare Fucking Hands



Here we see something straight out of Old Man And The Sea, we see a bro catch a ~250lb Black Marlin using only a handline in less than 8 minutes.

As far as fishing exploits go this is some straight up alpha shit right here. I’m assuming it’s a black marlin since it’s Australia and caught this time of year, possibly a small blue marlin, but I never get a good view of it so we’re just going to assume it’s a black marlin, k cool, moving on…

Watching this video I felt emasculated with every passing second. In the past few months the manliest shit I’ve pulled off was starting a campfire in the middle of a torrential rain storm and cooked some hotdogs in the woods…that’s the least alpha move imaginable when put in to the context of this bro just hand cranking in a black marlin in less than 8 minutes.

When I caught a 300lb blue marlin down in Costa Rica (pictured below) a few years ago it took me roughly and hour, and I thought my arms were going to fall off. Yes I was using light tackle, a 30lb sailfish set up, so I had to fight it standing and not in the chair…but this dude just ripped in a marlin with his BARE HANDS using only 80lb test. Impressive as hell. I wish I had more to say on the subject but I just got back from my bachelor party last night and my mind is virtually useless today.


Cass Anderson

Let’s break down that fight in GIF though, shall we?

Exhibit A: a jumping marlin



Exhibit B: almost losing the fish by getting the line caught up in the engine or splicing if off underneath the hull of the boat



Exhibit C: brining your spoils of battle into the boat for some triumphant photos



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