A Man In Florida Just Caught A 79lb Fucking Dinosaur With A Speargun


B. Ocampo

A Sarasota, Florida fisherman by the name of Owen just wrangled a 78.8lb Cubera Snapper while free diving in 110ft with a speargun, fulfilling any angler’s wildest spearfishing dreams.


B. Ocampo

Fishing in a water column of 110ft out in the Gulf of Mexico, the freediving spearfishermen came into contact with schools of 50-60 Cubera Snapper in the process of spawning (releasing eggs into the water to be fertilized).

This of course led to a batshit underwater frenzy of hammerheads (and other sharks) swarming the large fish, as well as whale sharks there feeding. Not all fish taken were as massive as the 78.8lb Cubera Snapper, but every one from the haul was sizable. For instance, here we see spearfishermen/photographer/underwater wizard B. Ocampo holding one of the more modest size catches of the day:


B. Ocampo

The Florida state (all tackle) record for Cubera Snapper is 116 pounds, caught near Clearwater. The spearfishing record for Atlantic Cubera Snapper comes in at 122.4lbs, caught in Brazil (pic below).


IUSA Records

As you can see from the pic above of the spearfishing world record, and the picture of the recent catch, all that’s really separating them is a few years of fatty girth. Here’s another picture of the 78.8lb behomoth taking up an entire cooler:


B. Ocampo

To put that cooler and the size of the fish in perspective, here’s that same cooler taking up nearly the entire width of a car:


This is the second time this year a TRULY GARGANTUAN Cubera Snapper has been taken from the Gulf of Mexico. Back in July we reported on a man who caught an 85lb Cubera Snapper on rod-and-reel in Alabama, smashing the previous state record.

These fishermen are acquaintances of mine, and I’ll be sure to update this post as more pictures (and potential video) become available.

Update 1: A few more photos to add of the behemoth catch


B. Ocampo


B. Ocampo


B. Ocampo

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