Model Tests The Capacity Of iPhone 6 Camera By Filming Boobs Bouncing Up And Down In Slow-Motion

by 5 years ago

YouTube/Jessi June

Can you believe it took almost an entire week of the iPhone 6 existing before someone finally put the camera to good use? Model Jessi June tests the limits of the new iPhone 6 camera, filming herself in a bra jumping around at 240fps, and the results are incredible.

Is it possible that this video is going to make an army of believers in Apple? Yes. The answer is yes. After watching this if you don’t already own an iPhone 6 you’re definitely going to want one.

Like most slow-mo HD videos I post, you can first watch the video and then stay for the incredible GIFs at the end.

Aaaand now for the slow-mo HD GIFs….



YouTube/Jessi June

Up and down


YouTube/Jessi June

For more from Jessi June you can follow her on Twitter HERE.


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