Watching People Get Tattoos In High-Definition Slow-Mo Will Blow Your Mind



Tattoos are obviously a painful experience. It involves having a sharp needle repeatedly stuck in your skin over and over for hours on end.

The degree of pain often varies depending upon where the tattoo is on the body, the more nerve endings and the more pain the person getting the tattoo is likely too experience. Myself? I only have one tattoo, it’s a memorial to a lost relative, and it is close to my spine (tons of nerve endings). Therefore when I think about tattoos the pain in my mind is immense. I’ve spoken with countless people though who have gotten tattoos and said they practically felt no pain at all.

So we know tattoos = pain, but I’ve never really stopped to consider what tattooing the body looks like up close, in slow-mo HD. Redditor MrPennyWhistle claims to have been bored and passing a tattoo parlor when this thought struck him, so he hopped in there with a Phantom Miro Camera and the footage is incredible. Below is the video, and after that are a few GIFs of the more outrageous footage captured:

Mind blown? Now for some GIFs….

Exhibit A



Exhibit B



Exhibit C (notice how the needles actually pull back the skin)



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